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Canvey Island Town Council
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Labworth Memorial Gardens and Seafront Flower Beds

Canvey Island Town Council took over the management of the Bumblebee Park and the Labworth Memorial Gardens on Canvey Island officially on 1st October 2012 from Castle Point Borough Council.  With effect from the 30th April 2019 the Town Council will only be maintaining the Labworth Memorial Gardens and Seafront Flower Beds.  The Bumblebee Park was transfered back to Castle Point Borough Council in April 2019.

The garden is part of Labworth Park at the seafront on Canvey Island and was originally installed by the Canvey 2000 Project.

The Town Council has been granted a 25 year lease for the Labworth Memorial Garden as part of a growing partnership between Castle Point Borough Council and Canvey Island Town Council.

Memorials Guide and Policy