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Canvey Island Town Council
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Why do Canvey have one?

Canvey had been a separate civil and ecclesiastical parish since 1881. The civil parish of Canvey Island was converted into an Urban District Council in 1926. In 1929, Thundersley and Hadleigh joined together to form the Benfleet Urban District Council.

The Canvey Island Urban District Council was granted armorial bearings in 1971. In 1972 an Act of Parliament saw a reorganisation of local government and in 1974 the Canvey Island Urban District Council joined Benfleet, Hadleigh and Thundersley to become part of Castle Point District Council.

The name was chosen from almost a hundred entries in a competition that gave residents the opportunity to suggest a name. The name chosen incorporated two local landmarks, Hadleigh Castle and Canvey Point.

On 12th October 2005, representatives of a Canvey Island campaign group presented a petition to Castle Point Borough Council containing nearly 3,500 signatures, together with a letter addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister seeking the constitution of their own parish council.

During the week commencing 12th December 2005, a consultation document was sent by the Borough Council to each of the 15,699 households on Canvey Island to gauge public opinion about the formation of a parish council. On 2nd December 2006, the Secretary of State, made an Order for the constitution of the new Canvey Island parish council with effect from 1st April 2007.

The Council elected its first members on 3rd May 2007 and resolved to change its name to Canvey Island Town Council. The community now has its ‘own’ statutory body, recognised within the established democratic framework and constituted to represent its needs and interests.

What do we do?

The Town Council is an elected body corporate with perpetual succession made up of local people representing the interests of the community. Canvey Island Town Council has a Town Mayor, Deputy Town Mayor and 9 other councillors representing various wards which are East Ward, North Ward, South Ward, Central Ward, West Ward and Winter Gardens Ward.

The Town Council is funded almost entirely by the precept which is collected by Castle Point Borough Council on behalf of the town as part of the Council Tax.

The duties of the Town Council – the functions which it must carry out are limited, but it’s powers – the areas where it has discretion to act if it chooses are wide.


As the first tier of government the Town Council is responsible to residents for a number of services including:

  • Management of recreational areas such as Canvey Lake, Concord Beach Tidal Pool, Labworth Memorial Gardens, Band Stand and Tewkes Creek Wildflower Meadow.
  • Consultee on Planning Applications within Canvey Island
  • Annual Events – Christmas Event, Wildlife Day (in partnership with RSPB), Armed Forces Day and the Garden Trail
  • Town Centre Planters, Hanging Baskets and Festive Lighting
  • Planters at Jones Corner, Eastern Esplanade, Ferry Road and Canvey Way
  • Two Allotments sites, Winter Gardens and Smallgains
  • Providing financial support to local groups though the Grant Scheme
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Preparation and production of the Town Guide
  • Community Warden presence
  • Noticeboards in each ward
  • Community partnership working
  • Working in partnership with ECC on public rights of way, footpaths etc
  • Point of contact for County, Borough and many other public services
  • Consultee on crime and disorder reduction

The Council or its committees meet every three weeks and all meetings are open to the public.
The meetings will normally be held on a Monday evening at 7.30pm at the Council offices, 11 High Street, Canvey Island (please view the agenda as this could be subject to change).

Agendas for meetings are displayed in the Town Council Office window, the Library, our website and our notice boards at Leigh Beck School, Village bus stop, NHS Clinic Long Road, Third Avenue and at the junction of Foksville Road and Furtherwick Road within the town centre.

Agendas and minutes are sent to all Canvey Councillors, the Library, Castle Point Borough Council, the local press and various requested individuals.

The Town Council holds an Annual Town Meeting between 1st March and the 1st June which is a forum for the public to come and question members on any matters relating to the work of the Town Council.

Councils Four Year Plan

The Council reviews its activities each year and discusses and agrees new projects which would be beneficial to the community. These plans cover a rolling four year period and are monitored by the Council and its relevant committees.

Click here for the Four Year Plan