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Canvey Island Town Council
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To achieve the Gold Standard Award Level a council demonstrates that it meets all requirements of the Foundation and Quality Standards and is at the forefront of best practice by achieving an excellent standard in community governance, community leadership and performance management.

Gold Level

The Council confirms by resolution at a full Council meeting that it meets all requirements for the Foundation and Quality Awards and publishes on its website:

  • A business plan covering a financial forecast for at least three years linked to revenue and capital plans for the Council and its community.
  • An annual report, online material and at least four news bulletins a year with evidence of:
    • engaging with diverse groups in the community using a variety of methods
    • community engagement leading to positive outcomes for the community
    • at least four positive outcomes achieved for the community in the last six months
    • a broad range of Council activities including innovative projects
    • co-operating constructively with other organisations.
  • Ensures that the Council delivers value for money
  • Meets its duties in relation to bio-diversity and crime & disorder
  • Provides leadership in planning for the future of the community
  • Manages the performance of the Council as a corporate body
  • Manages the performance of each individual staff member to achieve its business plan.