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Canvey Island Town Council
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Canvey Lake

Canvey Lake is a long, linear lake within a public open space entirely surrounded by residential housing and provides a local focal point for informal recreation for the population of Canvey Island and has an important role in environmental education and drawing wildlife into an urban environment.

Press Statement - Fish Removal February 2024

Latest Press Statement Jan 2024

Blue Green Algae No Longer Present - Press Release Nov 2023

Blue Green Algae Press Release July 2023

Latest Press Statement July 2023

Press Statement Jan 2023

Blue Green Algae test results taken - June 2023.

Water Quality Document

The lakes function is to collect surface water run off and the repository for water taken from the storm drains and may contain traces of petrol, diesel and other contaminates.  

There is currenty no electric supply at the lake, therefore, the Council is looking into permanent supply options at Denham Road and Short Road to enable aeration at both ends of the lake.

Canvey Lake

For more information regarding algae bloom please see the Environment Agency's information page regarding algal bloom and sewage and Environment Agency's Information for public and land owners. and Environment Agencies Information Sheet.

Avian Flu
A viral infection that spreads among birds, and rarely affects humans.

For more information regarding avian influenza please see the government's information page regarding avian influenza

Avian Botulism
Avian botulism is a paralytic and often fatal disease caused by ingestion of toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Avian botulism outbreaks in wild waterbirds occur relatively frequently in England and Wales. The toxin produced is relatively stable and persistent in the environment, and in animal and insect tissues (including maggots feeding on dead birds).

For more information regarding avian botulism please see the Animal and Plant Health Agency's information page regarding avian botulism

Angel Wing
Angel Wing is usually associated with water fowl birds such as ducks, geese and swans, this condition is attributed to an unhealthy diet of rich protein and carbohydrates. Birds in local parks that are fed bread on a consistent basis which causes accelerating the growth of the bird, may experience rapid wing development that outgrows proper bone support. Angel wings in birds is a deformity in the last joint on one or both wings. The result is that the wings twist unnaturally outwards rather than lying flat as they should.  This can sometimes be mistaken as a broken wing.

Koi Herpesvirus
KHV is a serious viral disease of fish and is a listed disease in the United Kingdom. It affects all varieties of common and ornamental carp species (Cyprinus carpio) and can result in large scale mortalities.

For more information regarding koi herpesvirus please see the government's information page regarding koi herpesvirus and the Environment Agencies Information

Canvey Island Town Council’s Byelaw for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces.