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Canvey Island Town Council
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Canvey Lake is a long, linear lake within a public open space entirely surrounded by residential housing and provides a local focal point for informal recreation for the population of Canvey Island and has an important role in environmental education and drawing wildlife into an urban environment.

The Town Council has imposed a No Fishing zone over part of Canvey Lake. This is at the western end of the lake, near the Oysterfleet Hotel, where children together with their parents or grandparents have historically fed the waterfowl and used the bankside for recreational purposes.

Extensive work has been done to bring the lake back into a good condition and provide a suitable fishing area by the Denham Road bridge.  

The lake is a water holding facility and the repository for water taken from the storm drains and may contain traces of petrol, diesel and other contaminates.  The lake is not a designated fishing lake, however, fishing is allowed in the authorised areas.


Canvey Island Town Council’s Byelaw for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces.

Canvey Lake