Tidal Pool

The old original tidal pool on Concord Beach has been saved from demolition following talks between both Castle Point Borough Council and Canvey Island Town Council.  In August 2010 Castle Point Borough Council offered to transfer the responsibility of the day to day management and operation of the old tidal pool along with a section of the beach area to Canvey Island Town Council as part of an agreement between the two councils to promote and enhance the Concord beach area.

Following meetings with the Environment and Open Spaces committee and negotiations with Castle Point Borough Council, this area of beach and tidal pool have now been agreed by both councils and works to bring the area up to health and safety standards have been completed.

The tidal pool was officially transferred to the Town Council on the 22nd July 2011.

This has been an area where children have paddled and fished for crabs since the 1930s which is why Canvey Island residents campaigned for it to be saved.  A Friends of Concord Beach Charity has been set up following various meetings with hundreds of residents over the survival of the pool.  Canvey Island Town Council will work in partnership with Friends of Concord Beach to ensure the area is clean and safe once again.