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Canvey Island Town Council
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Canvey Lake Update


Canvey Island Town Council have been working continuously to resolve the issues experienced at Canvey Lake over several weeks.  External contractors were appointed to start work on Monday 22nd August due to the high numbers of fish deaths and the strain on the councils’ resources.  Upon arrival and inspection, it was apparent that many of the fish had already been removed by the councils’ contractors or those left were inaccessible, therefore, the decision was taken in consultation with Rob Turner to stand the contractor down.

It is hoped that the fish clearance is now coming to an end and there is no requirement for the councils’ contractors to be on site daily.  Any fish remaining are unfortunately in inaccessible areas and will decompose naturally into the silt, however, the council will continue to monitor the site and remove any fish that come up in areas that are accessible.

It has been reported nationally that this has been our driest summer in decades depleting lakes and reservoirs around the country not only Canvey Island.  Although the council recognises that the build-up of silt has exacerbated the poor water quality, it is also recognised that during the last 12 years that the Town Council has managed the lake it has never experienced a national disaster at this level. 

The Town Council would like to thank all residents and businesses who have helped and offered their support during these trying times and especially Rob Turner who has supported the council in providing the aerating machines that are continuing to improve the water quality.  Although residents have reported that these machines are noisy unfortunately these will continue to be used to ensure that the water remaining in the lake continues to improve.

Although things will appear to go quiet, please be assured that the Town Council will be working with all relevant agencies to investigate the sustainability of the lake and to find a long-term resolution to ensure that this level of devastation does not happen again.