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Canvey Island Town Council
Call us: 01268 683965

Recruitment for community special constables for Canvey Island now open



If you are interested in really looking after your little piece of the world please contact the Town Clerk on 01268 683965 or  The Town Council would love to have you as part of its community team and we would love to help you keep your area safe.

For all recruitment information please contact Essex Police

Special Constables are volunteer Police Officers. They have the same police powers, uniforms and equipment as regular Police Officers but sacrifice their free time on a voluntary basis, organising their busy personal lives, day jobs and other commitments around police duties. They do not get paid, but are reimbursed for expenses.

A Special in Essex is someone who will be valued, supported and integrated into the wider policing family. They’re someone who will learn new skills, see new things and make tangible differences to the lives of the public they serve. A Special in Essex is someone who makes new friends, sees life from new perspectives and upholds the law.

A Special Constable is an extraordinary person, a remarkable person, a special person. Join us and be that person.

Once you have carefully read all the information in our application guide, you can complete an application to join the Essex Police Special Constabulary. Once your application has been reviewed you may be invited to attend an assessment centre. Candidates who are successful at the assessment centre will advance to the next steps of the application process which will include a fitness test, vetting, a medical and reference checks.

Am I eligible?

To become a Special Constable you must:

  • Be a British, Commonwealth, European Economic Area (EEA) citizen or have an indefinate right to stay in the UK
  • Not have a criminal record but some minor offences may not exclude you
  • Be able to meet our required medical and fitness standards such as 5.4 on the Bleep Test, not taking anti-depressants currently or in the last 2 years and have a BMI range of 18-30
  • Have resided in the UK for a continuous period of three years immediately prior to the date of application

To join as a Special Constable, you must not:

  • Be registered bancrupt, subject to CCJs or IVAs
  • Omit to declare any offences or ‘spent’ convictions
  • Have defaulted accounts
  • Ideally not have been convicted or cautioned for a serious arrestable offence
  • Applicants who have received cautions, reprimands, formal warnings and final warnings will not be considered until a full five years from the date of the sanction

What would I do?

  • Make our communities and its people safer by supporting the regular force
  • Improve public confidence and support victims by detecting and investigating crime
  • Improve communication with communities by providing an important link between them
  • Assist the force with many aspects of policing, from high-visibility patrols to traffic operations, counter-terrorism and community safety
  • Make Essex a safer place by working with colleagues to bring those responsible for crime to justice, from arrest through to conviction

 What would I gain from being a Special?

  • Make a difference to communities and people
  • Build your confidence
  • Develop new skills in a unique and challenging role
  • Gain opportunities for promotion in a rank structure mirrored to the regulars
  • Explore opportunities to progress in specialist policing roles

What do I need to be a Special?

  • To be at least 18 years old at the start of your training
  • Commit to a minimum of 16 hours per month for operational duties plus mandatory training duties
  • Meet the required fitness standard
  • Commit to the initial training requirements of 20 days

Once recruited and fully trained the Special Constables will only be funded by the Town Council when they are stationed on Canvey Island. Each Special Constable will volunteer a minimum of 16 hours a month once the training is complete.