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Crucial Crew Monday 6th July 2015 – Wednesday 8th July 2015

24th July 15


The Town Council were again privileged to be invited to take part in this year’s Crucial Crew Event which is a safety event aimed at year six primary school pupils across Castle Point.  The pupils attended sessions coordinated by The Deanes School this year, and supported by the Community Safety Partnership for lessons in the dangers and hazards they may encounter as they grow into adolescence – and how to deal with them.


Crucial Crew is a multi-agency safety event which aims to make pupils aware of such issues as stranger danger, drugs, bullying, personal safety, fire, first aid, railway safety, rights and responsibilities and road safety.


The pupils faced 10 different scenarios, run by the participating agencies, and were asked to think on their feet about the steps they should take to keep themselves safe. 


Among other things they were shown how to escape from a fire and how to raise the alarm; learn not to be tempted into going off with strangers, and of the dangers of playing on railway tracks.


At the end of each scenario they were given advice on how they have done and guidance on any mistakes they may have made.


The agencies that took part in this year’s event included Essex Police, Castle Point Borough Council, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, St John Ambulance, Canvey Town Council, Essex County Road Safety, Neighbourhood Watch and a team of volunteers.

The Community Warden commented “This is a positive experience for the children who were left buzzing with all the information they had taken away with them.  For myself an enjoyable and interesting event that I was proud to be a part of”


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